How G Got Her Groove Back

This is for the babe who may have lost her shine or the one who just wants to dive deeper in love with herself. Whether you’re battling depression, body dysmorphia, bouncing back from heartbreak or failure, this will help you find yourself again. This is How I Got My Groove Back…. Get “Selfish” Start saying no and don’t feel bad about it. Too often we’re … Continue reading How G Got Her Groove Back

Media Maven Keamone F. talks Balance & Building Your Brand #MeettheG

Hey G’s, I’m so happy to introduce you to the latest feature called #MeettheG! I’ll be interviewing some awesome Girl & Guy Bosses who are killing it in different fields and chatting with them on everything from career to confidence, you won’t want to miss the life gems they share! Say hi to our first & fabulous Girl boss, Keamone! Keamone is a multi-talented Marketing … Continue reading Media Maven Keamone F. talks Balance & Building Your Brand #MeettheG

How to Shop on a Budget (& Still Look Expensive)

Growing up, if my mom couldn’t afford something popular (aka expensive) she would show my sister & I how to style the things we could afford and still make it cute! Now that I’m older, I’m blessed to afford the things I couldn’t but because I’m a blogger, I’m usually over trends before I get a chance to try them. It doesn’t make sense for … Continue reading How to Shop on a Budget (& Still Look Expensive)

#MEETTHEG : Braxton

I am extremely pleased to announce the latest feature on Alexis the G called #MeetTheG where we highlight a Girl boss who is breaking the glass ceiling and inspiring other women! This week we interviewed Braxton, a young Entrepreneur from Richmond, heading into her first year at Clark Atlanta University! Let’s meet the G…  Who is Braxton? Wow, how do I answer this without writing a book? Let’s … Continue reading #MEETTHEG : Braxton

Happy 2nd Birthday!!

I started this blog two years ago as a way to express my creativity in a college town where inspiration was lacking, and the fashion industry is non-existent. At first, it was a mashup of things I was interested in including makeup, dorm decor and the occasional Youtube video. Over the years my dedication to the blog fluctuated, but it was always something I wished I could … Continue reading Happy 2nd Birthday!!


After about an hour scouring the mall from front to back, still nothing. DSW, Forever 21, Macy’s nor Aldo’s held the right floral heels I envisioned in my head. Heels that would go perfectly with the ensemble I bought earlier that day for one of the most important campus events I would attend my Junior year. I was officially reaching panic mode! I could only … Continue reading Find