NYFW Recap

Day 1:

Day 1 of Fashion Week was pretty chill for me, it mostly consisted of planning looks and events for the week. I had a dope workout at Arlo Soho with Surfset thanks to the awesome people behind the Into App. I’ve never surfed before so that class was intense! I ran over to East Soho to stop by a showroom and return pulls from a previous shoot and then had dinner and drinks at Beauty & Essex. I wore zero waste designer Malaika New York’s new S/S ’19 collection. The skirt, top and rings are all made of recycled bicycle tires and parts!

Day 2:

I booked myself for another cool workout session, this time at Switch Playground and if I thought Surfset was intense? This was no joke! I couldn’t not take advantage of an opportunity to get right before the Style Fashion Week show later that day. I ran over to Latin Beet Kitchen to grab a quick bite for lunch before heading home to change. The Style Fashion Week show featured two of Instagram’s fave designers from L.A., Matte Brand and Adriana Sahar so I was excited. Doors opened at 3pm for cocktail hour before the show started at 5pm. After an hour and 45 minutes of waiting in line, my feet were numb and I was still outside without a cocktail in sight. I couldn’t believe the unprofessionalism and quite frankly was over it, so I left. Not before getting a cute pic in my Layana Aguilar two-piece set and Anne Klein kitten heels. I switched into my flats, ran home to change and then headed over to the Warren Tricomi Salon at the Plaza for a complimentary styling session with L’oreal.

Day 3:

This was hands down my busiest day of Fashion Week but I was determined to get everything done! The day started early with a Yoga session by Bode NYC at Arlo Soho’s rooftop. I ran downstairs to quickly grab breakfast & coffee at Into’s Influencer lounge and was greeted with a goodie bag full of snacks, makeup and other dope products. I literally had to eat & go so I could make it to a casting across town! I looked like a mad woman but I made it & ran right back out so I could have a solid 30 minutes at the Fini Shoes presentation. I snacked on pizza Arancini (rice balls) and sipped Bacana Sangria while eyeing their new collection. I ran to another casting in Soho then literally had to stop and catch my breath. A random woman asked me if I was a model & mentioned she was a designer whose model had dropped out at the last minute. Before I knew it I was heading to the showroom Brand Assembly to model for her brand! After an hour, I was free of responsibilities for the day and Brand Assembly had just finished an event which meant all the leftover tacos, guac, cupcakes & Rosè my belly could handle. Isn’t free food the best food? Lol finally I linked with a friend & we checked out the Shiseido Beauty pop-up which had interactive rooms that were so instagrammable!

Day 4:

I woke up early Sunday to prepare for the Stevie Boi fashion show I’d be walking in. I prepped my skin & packed my bag for an early call time at 1pm. I was so nervous! I was expecting a similar experience to my first fashion show but there wasn’t an ounce of cattiness in the room. The group of models was so diverse and full of beautiful men and women of color! We all got along right away. The skin care sponsor Patchology spoiled us with a pamper session of face masks and under eye gels before we went into hair and makeup. We were there for over 5 hours but with the nerves & adrenaline everything went so fast! Before I knew it the show was over. I still can’t believe I walked in front of fashion legends like Richie Rich and Ty Hunter! What an experience… On my way home my friend told me Sheck Wes would be performing at LAVO so I got my tired self together and celebrated the night away!

Day 5:

Talk about recovery mode! I don’t drink much these days so even a few glasses of champagne will do me in lol I let myself sleep in which I don’t usually do, sent emails and got a blog post in . I headed to Depop’s new studio in Soho to shoot the merch for my new vintage collection and got an Iced Oat Milk Chai on the House at Cha Cha Matcha.

Day 6:

Doctors appointment then family time with momma bear 🙂

Day 7:

I secured a seat at The Real Real’s Q&A panel with designers Kim Shui and Yigal Azrouël where they discussed everything from how they started their careers to where they see themselves taking their eponymous brands in the future. A glass of champagne & a few hors d’oeuvre later I was on my way to Arlo Nomad for the Todd Patrick and NMBR 09 showroom presentations.

Day 8:

I mentally checked out of Fashion Week a bit early. As fun as it is to dress up, run into old friends in the industry and attend all these awesome events it does get tiring. There’s a lot of running back and forth, waiting in lines and little downtime for self-care. But for only about a week twice out of the year, it’s well worth the sacrifice so I can’t complain! I took this day to relax and headed to Tao downtown for a fun night with friends to end the festive week off.


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