How G Got Her Groove Back

This is for the babe who may have lost her shine or the one who just wants to dive deeper in love with herself. Whether you’re battling depression, body dysmorphia, bouncing back from heartbreak or failure, this will help you find yourself again. This is How I Got My Groove Back….

Get “Selfish”

Start saying no and don’t feel bad about it. Too often we’re pressured to help or heal others when we need help or healing ourselves. It’s beautiful when you can pour into someone else’s glass, but you can’t do that if yours is empty. You should only pour your help, healing and nurturing into someone else’s life when your cup runneth over. The beautiful thing about self-love is that it’s an everlasting resource. When you truly, madly,deeply love yourself, it’ll shock you how much you are able to love others. The right way.

Be Independent

Do something alone that you would normally ask someone else to do with you. Whether it’s an entire music festival or just a trip to the mall, it’s important to practice alone time. You need to feel good being alone or you’ll constantly seek to fill your life with people & things. A huge step in self-love is being able to tolerate yourself.

You know how when you’re tired or annoyed from being social, you can just go home? Well you’ll never be able to escape yourself in that way. Ever. You are your permanent home. So you might as well be your own best friend. Someone you’ll never want to escape from, someone who you love everything about.

Nothing makes me feel more like a Goddess than being independent.

Touch Yourself

I know what you’re thinking, but I don’t mean sexually… Get to know your body, hug yourself, massage your scalp. Run your hands through your own hair and get to know every curve, dimple and valley on your body. It’ll feel awkward at first but that’s the point. Teach yourself that you don’t need anyone for physical relaxation or comfort. You have to “feel yourself” literally & figuratively. Soon, you’ll melt into your skin like your favorite sweater.

Have fun!

Let your hair down and have fun in a way that’s fun to you. Don’t force yourself to go to the club if that’s not your thing. Do something that reminds you, even just for a moment, how good it feels not to worry or stress. Pause that Netflix binge, dress up and get out of the house. Meet up with your friends and let loose!

I hope that whatever you’re bouncing back from, you remember how amazing you are. You never really lost yourself, your best self was within you the whole time. Now let her shine.




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