Media Maven Keamone F. talks Balance & Building Your Brand #MeettheG

Hey G’s, I’m so happy to introduce you to the latest feature called #MeettheG! I’ll be interviewing some awesome Girl & Guy Bosses who are killing it in different fields and chatting with them on everything from career to confidence, you won’t want to miss the life gems they share! Say hi to our first & fabulous Girl boss, Keamone!

Keamone classy

Keamone is a multi-talented Marketing Maven with a passion for Fitness and Fashion. Not only is she a Certified Personal Trainer with killer style, she’s also created a Digital Content and Branding Empire with Luxe Brands. Whether you need style advice, workout tips or an entire website created, Keamone is your go-to girl.

Alexis G: You wear many different “hats” when it comes to your brand from Certified Personal Trainer to Beauty Guru and Digital Designer (and so much more)! How do you balance all your interests into the perfect blend that suits you and your audience?
Keamone F: This is such a great question. When I first started out, I felt a lot of pressure about what I should give my followers and posted fashion/style content only. I felt restricted. I even tried to start another page for fitness just so I could keep it separated. I have a lot of passions – fashion and fitness just scratch the surface. I’m a digital designer and brand specialist, social media guru, I LOVE to cook and eat, I’m obsessed with skincare, love visiting new places and the list goes on. I think it’s more difficult to pick and choose which passions you give more love than to just be yourself. In terms of balancing it all, I think it just comes down to my followers being interested in my story and not individual topics. And in order for this to happen, I had to become better at telling story and not just sharing cute pictures. For the most part I try to keep my feed very fashion, fitness, lifestyle related, and I use my IG stories to dive deeper into all my other passions. However, I’m still working at being a better story teller and my feed will evolve with me.
Keamone fit

AG: You recently shared with your audience that you use a day planner as one method to stay organized. What does a typical day in Keamone’s life look like?
KF: Lawd knows I wish there was a typical day! My days are all super different, but my weeks look identical, if that makes sense. I use my planner to plan my weeks, and not so much my days because things always switch up on the day of. Typically my mornings start with tea and affirmations (that’s one thing that stays the same) followed by catching up with e-mails, sending pitches to both brands and potential clients for my digital branding + design studio, Luxe Brands. I usually take the rest of the morning to work on projects for my clients and do consultation calls . My afternoons/evenings are different on every day:
Monday: Edit day! I dedicate time to editing YouTube videos and Pictures.  I usually have a bunch of pictures with different looks/campaigns, so I bulk edit them and save them to plan my feed later on.
Tuesday: Filming day. This is when I film my YouTube video/s for the upcoming weeks.
Wednesday: I record Kocktails & Konversations, a joint podcast with my sister, Alisha Ricki! We love doing this because it’s a nice way to de-stress in the middle of the week and just bond with each other. (BTW, my sister is also a content creator, and she’s dope! Go check her out). The podcast is available on Soundcloud and iTunes!
Thursday & Friday: Shoot days! Each day is spent shooting multiple looks. It’s a lot harder than it looks! Some days are better than others lol Some days I know my angles, other days I don’t be hitting. But, it’s always fun getting dope shots and working with my sistographer. Thursday’s I shoot her – Friday’s she shoots me.
Saturday/Sunday: Ad hoc time. This is the time reserved for brunches, turns ups, fam/friend time, as well as more editing, planning, meal prep, and house duties.
My nights are all the same formula! I unwind with TV Shows (Give me ratchet TV and real estate shows on HGTV), then I do my skincare routine and just relax. All this repeats the next week. Pretty hectic, I know!
AG: Who or what inspires you? How do you overcome moments when you may not feel so inspired?
KF: My driving force is truly my fear of being a failure or living an average life. I want so much out of life, and that in itself inspires me to create, improve and work on being my best self. I think when it comes to losing inspiration, it’s really important to avoid forcing it or feeling guilty about falling back. When I get into a funk, as I like to call it, I just try to take a step back to reset and really remind myself of my Why. I do this by spending a lot of time with my family and doing thing that make me hella happy.
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AG: You’ve not only built a following for your brand, but a customer base as well. What would you recommend for new business owners looking to establish that repertoire and transition their followers to customers?
KF: Be your most unapologetic self! I tell everyone this. People can see through b.s. If you’re being fake, or trying to sell something that has no real value just for a quick coint, people can see through that. When your followers trust you, they will buy from you. Building trust comes from being yourself and being 100% real about what you say, post, promote and represent. People can see when you’re being genuine. I’m not saying to let people into your personal life if you’re not comfortable, but it all comes back to being a storyteller. When I started showing more of my life, my passions, and personality, my followers started to trust me more. I realized it because I started getting more questions about advice and products and also started seeing a lot more support from people I don’t even know. The take away is to be real with your followers, and create a product that offers real value.
AG: When has your confidence in your work been shaken, and how did you bounce back?
KF: It’s always an awful feeling when you put countless hours and time into putting out something that doesn’t receive the appreciation you expect. Sometimes I wake up to a loss of over 100 followers. Sometimes I post a picture I think is bomb and get no likes or comments. Stuff like this causes me to question my value as a content creator and influencer. It also makes me start comparing my work to others – and we all  know comparison is the thief of joy. I bounced back by not focusing on the negative, but on the positive. I like to go back and read some of the loving comments and dm’s I get from my followers and that’s truly what kept me going at times when I felt I had nothing to offer. I feel good knowing I helped at least one person, even if it’s just with a simple product suggestion. I don’t let the follower count and likes determine my value anymore – I told myself that people who really support me will stick around and those who don’t will unfollow, as they should! My ultimate goal is to build a community of followers who genuinely care so that I can genuinely care right back!
Keamone fashion
AG: What would you say has been the number one key to success for you thus far?
KF: It’s so hard to pick a #1. But if I really had to pick one, I’d say consistency across the board. By consistency, I don’t mean posting or uploading every day, but I mean putting in a consistent amount of work every day. When my consistency lacks, everything plummets.  On the other hand, when I put in the work, I see a huge amount of success. It’s really simple – there aren’t a lot of people that go hard. The bottom line is, when you go hard, you get ahead, and that is was separates dreamers from doers. It takes a lot of discipline to work hard at something and put in work every single day, but doing this is what changed everything for me.
AG: What can we expect from Keamone coming up?
KF: There is sooooo much I have planned for my #Litties. You can expect to see me posting a lot more regularly on Instagram and YouTube for sure. I’m super excited to announce that I’m launching my InstaLit book guide on how to grow your Instagram! I’m really happy about this project in particular because I really feel like it will help so many people, and honestly if I had something like it when I was just starting, things would have been so much easier. Also, I’m working on a short weekly video series that will be exclusive to Facebook, called Another Lit Tip. This will just be a a fun way to share a weekly tip with my audience, since I have so much information to give. Lastly, you can definitely be on the look out for all KeamoneFit training programs and guides (including the long awaited Booty Gainz Guide) to be available at very soon. There are a lot of good things happening, and I couldn’t be more excited!
Whew, how could you not be inspired by Keamone? If her ability to juggle so many different passions stirred up the Girl Boss in you, be sure to follow her on Instagram and 
become a Littie! I don’t know about you, but I’ll definitely be on the lookout for her next venture.
Do you know a Girl or Guy Boss killing it in their field? Comment below, and they could be featured in the next #MeettheG interview!

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