New Year, Better G.

Happy New Year my loves! I wasn’t planning on writing a New Year post because I felt like the Resolutions topic was oversaturated but I did go ahead and set some intentions with a vision board. It’s important to constantly remind yourself of your goals, resolutions, intentions etc not only so you can stay on track but so that these things will actually manifest into reality and not just stay stuck in your head. I shared my vision board on my Insta story & got nothing but good feedback. You guys encouraged me to share details about my goals, so I hope this inspires you to reach some of your own and keep me accountable for mine!


  1. A few posts ago I shared with you all my concept of giving each year a theme that I stick to that keeps me grounded. Last year was a foundational year where I planted a ton of seeds. This year my theme is patience. I put “Stop and smell the roses” at the center of my board to remind me just that. Whether I’m working hard or not at all, seeing progress or feeling stagnant, having fun or bored with life I want to revel in it all. I don’t want to wait all week for the weekend or all month for vacation to feel like I’m enjoying my life. I want to actually nurture the seeds I planted, watch them blossom and appreciate every single moment I have on this beautiful earth no matter what! Vision Board #sThe right side of my vision board is entirely dedicated to travel. Every year I travel to more destinations than the last and I’m definitely keeping that momentum going in 2018! The difference is though, this year more of my travel will be dedicated to business. I know it doesn’t make much sense because travel is usually an escape from work but I see traveling as another experience to advance myself and become a better person which includes improving my content and work ethic!
  2. I plan on returning to Los Angeles and Miami but this time for work!
  3. I certainly don’t make enough time to visit my family in Orlando and if I can travel to all of these fabulous places then there’s no excuse for that! If I can’t find time I will make time, because family is always a priority.
  4. Summer 2018 = major girls trip! Can you guess where to?

The left side of my vision board is completely dedicated to work! I constantly have these wonderful creative ideas running through my head that I fail to execute. I regularly network with brilliant, successful people but I suck at keeping in contact. I begin projects but don’t always follow through. I’m sure you can see a pattern here. My work ethic definitely improved tremendously in 2017 but it’s still nowhere near what it needs to be!

5. I’ve noticed in the past year, I only put in really hard work when I’m super passionate about something & feel it’s going well. As soon as I don’t like something or feel discouraged, I give up or half-ass it and sweetie that is not how goals are reached! It’s 2018 and G means business. SO if I’m slacking please feel free to DM me like “Girlllll where’s that blog post you said you were working on?” Okay?!

6. Self-explanatory! This year will be ALL ABOUT THE G, both the person (me) and the blog. I will take all the time & effort I put into unproductive things or things that simply aren’t for me and invest all of it right back into myself. I will only pour into others if and when my cup runneth over.

7. This will be the year of my biggest break throughs to date, in every aspect. I will reach career milestones I couldn’t have dreamed of and I will heal & improve parts of myself greater than I could imagine. I will love deeper, shine brighter and shatter glass ceilings I couldn’t even see before.

8. I placed a few products and logos from brands I will be working with this year (speaking it into existence)! I decided not to limit myself to smaller brands & shoot for the stars when it comes to reaching out for collaborations, it can’t hurt right? It didn’t in 2017 and that’s definitely one thing I’ll continue doing this year!

9. Last but not least… positive affirmations! These are so important and I’ll explain why in my tips below!

I hope my vision board has inspired you to create your own (it’s never too late!) and annihilate your goals this year! If you’re a first timer or just want to get the most out of your vision board, I’ve listed a few tips below.

  • If you haven’t noticed I’ve used positive action words not only throughout my vision board but throughout this blog post as well. Using terms like “I want to…” or “One day I’m gonna…” will always keep you wanting and waiting for that one day to come. Something as simple as changing your vocabulary can change your mentality and thus, your lifestyle. Try using terms like “I am” and “I have” to literally speak things into existence.
  • Create a theme for your year and center your goals around it. Having a specific theme helps a lot especially if your vision gets lost along your path, remembering that theme will always bring you back and remind you of your purpose.
  • Make it pretty! This has to be something you actually want to look at every single day until you accomplish your goals or decide to make a new one. Match it to your room decor, find magazines with images that really speak to you or even print your own! Remember this isn’t just an arts & crafts project so take the time to make it you.
  • Revisit your vision board. Whether it’s monthly, weekly or daily you will need a reminder when things get rough. Look at it, pray over it, meditate on it, talk to it if you have to. Make it a part of your life because you want these goals to be apart of your life!

I hope this post has been helpful! I would love, love, love to see your vision boards and talk about goals. Comment below the theme to your year and if you post your board, use the hashtag #NewYearBetterG so I can see. I love you all & I hope your year is everything you could ever pray for. Amen!


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