The Perfect New Years Eve Look with Sephora Rose

Hi babes! I’m back from a much needed break, I took time to catch up with loved ones during the holidays including my grandparents who are in town! Family time and a little me time was just what I needed to recharge before the New Year. I’m so excited to produce some amazing content in 2018 and share it with you all!

aIMG_2738 2

I teamed up with fellow model, influencer and beauty guru Sephora Rose @sephorarose to bring you these super cute holiday looks! We planned similar looks but had no idea we chose the same color palette lol I guess great minds think alike.

aIMG_2722 2

I dusted off these old H&M earrings that matched perfectly and go with the jewel tone theme I was going for. Plus these glam earrings have been a huge trend this year. If you can’t afford to go all out for your New Years Eve look, amp up an old dress and make it brand new with some fun jewelry from H&M or Forever 21. Their faux pieces look super realistic and will tie the look together without breaking the bank!

aIMG_2729 2

If you want to branch out from the typical silver/gold dress for New Years but still do something super glam I highly recommend wearing Jewel tones! Jewel tones are the perfect option (Emerald green, teal, burgundy, deep violet etc…) if you want to wear color and standout but sparkles and glitz aren’t exactly your thing.

aIMG_2732 2

It’s going to be super cold in NYC this New Year’s Eve, and I don’t know about Cardi B but this heaux gets cold! Lmao but seriously, I’ve never been one to sacrifice warmth for a cute look so why not pick a cute coat to complete the look? Fur is always the most glam way to complete a chic winter look imo, and always remember faux is the way to go!

bIMG_2730 2aIMG_2736 2aIMG_2724 2aIMG_2753

For more glam looks follow me on Instagram @alexistheg and Sephora @sephorarose


I hope you loved these looks! What will you be wearing on New Years Eve? Comment below. No matter what you wear or do on New Years Eve, please be safe and never drink & drive!


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