Can we talk about how much I love this shirt? Let’s. I was attracted to it because the quote written so brightly across the front, looks like a horrible tattoo you’d see on a sailor’s shoulder. “I’m hers because she appreciates perfection.”

I snatched the last one in a size small and went to the fitting room at Urban Outfitters. Trying it on, I noticed a piece of string hanging out. “Damn, it’s damaged” I thought… But as I flipped it inside out to inspect further, what I found was so much more cool. This shirt is reversible! It has a bunch of fringe hanging from the other side, transforming it from a cutesy-comic book t-shirt to an 80’s vibe old west fringed top.

This top satissfies the inner 12 year old in me, I think everyone should own something reversible, it’s so fun! I’m excited to style the reverse side of this top and show you. I’ll make sure to link back to this post!

My snakeskin JustFab heels were the perfect pair for this top, I didn’t even realize how well the colors matched. I stood within the same color family choosing this wallet from Urban Outfitters, and threw a pop of color in with a pair of bright green thrifted culottes.

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