Pretty In Pink

I was doing a ton of running around last week to prepare for the study abroad trip which I am currently on. This look specifically was for a meeting I had for It was so hot that day, I really couldn’t think of anything better to wear than cutoffs!

Anyone who knows me, or has even taken a glance at my blog can tell I barely wear pink so this was a little different for me, but I want to incorporate more color into my wardrobe.


This purse was the perfect touch I needed to balance out all the pink. I just got it from H&M a couple days ago so #ifyourereadingthis you can still pick it up!


Sometimes I force myself to get in touch with my girly side, and outfits like this are the product. Luckily these shoes have a chunky heel and sturdy platform so it was (almost) as comfortable as walking in flats.


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  1. You look lovely and those shoes are fab love them

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