Kickin’ It Old School


I love a beautiful pair of heels, and if I were shorter I’d probably wear them everyday, but lord knows I get enough stares on the subway standing at 5’10 lol. But there’s nothing like a pair of comfy kicks that go with everything.


I really wanted a pair of all white sneakers but I didn’t want to go for Huaraches or Roshes, knowing a lot of people would have them. So I kept it classic and copped all white Adidas. I paired them with these Forever 21 trousers, playing up the masculinity of sneakers while juxtaposing between casual and dressy.


Despite loving masculine trends, from time to time I like to enhance my femininity as well. Which is where this thrifted hand bag & American Apparel body suit came into play.


For my NYC followers who don’t know, there is an American Apparel Factory outlet in soho at 285 Lafayette Street. That’s where I got this body suit for $15 I believe, when at the time it was $35 online. They’re also having a sale on this bodysuit in particular colors on their website.

What are your favorite pair of sneakers right now?


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