Happy Fourth of July!

My favorite thing to do every Fourth of July is go to the beach. I get to tan, spend time with friends and family and end the day with fireworks. It’s perfect 🙂


If you do plan on being by the water this holiday but aren’t super comfortable with your body, I would recommend a bathing suit like this. With its simple shape, and classic color, it doesn’t stand out the way a bright bathing suit would. At the same time, the hardware looks like jewelry and attracts attention to your décolletage and away from any problem areas.


 You can never go wrong with a pretty beach cover up that allows you to still be fashionable (even when you’re half naked). Both of these are from H&M, and the lightweight fabrics dry quickly when they’re wet so I wouldn’t be afraid to take a dip with them.

Sometimes if I don’t plan on fully submerging my body in water, I’ll just wear a crop top as a bathing suit top. It gives me a surfer vibe that makes me feel like I should be somewhere in Cali. This particular crop top is from American Apparel, and the bottoms are from Marshall’s.


Here are a couple of essentials I never go to the beach without:

  • A drink pitcher with built in cooler, that I got from CVS for $5. I like it because the middle part freezes saving me from having to lug an entire cooler.
  • I’m super pale so when I need a strong tan, I use Hawaiian Tropic and alternate between that and sunscreen.
  • A cooling mist was never something I looked into because it just seemed like water in a can, but this one from Bath & Body Works is actually scented & makes me feel refreshed.
  • I always bring beauty wipes to freshen up & remove all the gross sand and ocean water.
  • I can’t forget a snack and entertainment!


I love making mixed drinks for my friends when we’re going to be at the beach all day. Here’s a couple of yummy recipe’s that would be perfect for a Fourth of July BBQ as well.


This bathing suit is definitely one of my faves! It reminds me of looking through my mom’s old photos of her on the beach at my age. Plus, I love anything high-waisted! This vintage bathing suit is actually made of an odd material that is similar to terry cloth but fuzzier. I picked it up from The Cosmic Circle Vintage on Etsy. This particular suit is one of a kind but they have a ton of other styles that are similar, check them out!


No matter what your plans are this Fourth of July, make sure to enjoy this holiday with the people you love! Be safe and have fun 🙂


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