Whitening Sensitive Teeth at Home

One of my biggest guilty pleasures since college was iced coffee! Anyone hustling in the big apple can relate. My coffee addiction started to show in my smile and even though I switched over to Iced Green tea, the damage was already done. I looked into teeth whitening before but got discouraged by all the... Continue Reading →

How G Got Her Groove Back

This is for the babe who may have lost her shine or the one who just wants to dive deeper in love with herself. Whether you're battling depression, body dysmorphia, bouncing back from heartbreak or failure, this will help you find yourself again. This is How I Got My Groove Back.... Get "Selfish"Start saying no... Continue Reading →

23 Things to do in NYC this Fall

Hey G's! I often get asked how I find out about cool events and the best "instagrammable" spots so I put together a list of 25 cool things happening in NYC this fall! There's a range in pricing from free to splurge so there's something for everyone. Enjoy! Bronx Night Market:¬†Enjoy food & other goodies... Continue Reading →

NYFW Recap

Day 1: Day 1 of Fashion Week was pretty chill for me, it mostly consisted of planning looks and events for the week. I had a dope workout at Arlo Soho with Surfset thanks to the awesome people behind the Into App. I've never surfed before so that class was intense! I ran over to... Continue Reading →

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