Sully Guzman’s Journey to Curl Connoisseur & Self- Love #MeettheG

I sat down with an old college friend Sully Guzman to chat all about her natural hair and self-love journey! Since becoming a Content Creator and Entrepreneur Sully has worked with your fave curly brands like Deva Curl, Ouidad and has been spotted in Refinery29! You can definitely learn a thing or two from this Girl Boss. Read along for more of Sully’s inspirational story…


Alexis Gonzalez: Give us a bit of background on what inspired your natural hair care journey?

Sully Guzman: My natural hair journey was slightly different from everyone else’s. Growing up, I always had healthy curls. I would blow out my hair every few months, but I never got a relaxer, nor was I allowed to color my hair. It wasn’t until I got to UAlbany that I decided to experiment with my hair. Sophomore year of college I wanted to go copper, kind of like that Rihanna brownish red, you know? I bought a few boxes of hair dye and tried coloring my hair. My hair is VERY black naturally, so the color barely showed. From there my curls completely dropped. I dyed my hair back to black and then Senior year of college, I decided I wanted healthy hair again. I asked my mom to cut a few inches of my hair off to get started, and the rest is history!

AG: When did you decide to turn the passion you had for your own hair into a career educating others?

SG: I started receiving lots of compliments on my hair, especially once I colored it red. I had been watching hair tutorials on YouTube for a few years before coloring my hair, and received a ton of education regarding natural hair care from it. So when people would come up to me and ask me different questions, I had a bunch of resources to refer them to. Then I realized, why not just become that resource for them? I come from a background of education and servicing others so I knew I could do it, I just needed a to build a platform to get started.


AG: What is your most important hair care tip that you would give?

SG: DEEP CONDITION WEEKLY! I know this is said often and it’s not the most attractive response. But it is the most crucial tip I could give out. Curly hair is naturally dryer than other types of hair. The natural oils that are released from your scalp have trouble making it down to the bottom of your hair strand because of the spiral-like shape of your curls. So you want to make sure you are intentional about treating your hair with moisturizing products. Without moisture, your hair is more susceptible to breakage, split ends, and a dull appearance. All of those effects go against what it means to have healthy hair!


AG: If you had to get rid of all you hair products with the exception of 3, what products would be left standing?

SG: This is tough! My last standing products would have to be Ouidad’s Curl Recovery Whipped Curls, Africa’s Best Hair Mayonnaise conditioner, and Overtone’s Deep Conditioning Treatment in Extreme Red.

AG: How do you stay motivated to produce your own unique content in such an oversaturated market?

SG: Staying motivated is tough. Having time-consuming commitments outside of work and creative blocks can really slow down your ability to make content that is natural to you. What keeps me motivated to create are the experiences and people that come into my life. I could be in a creative block and then someone will ask me to create content to help them answer a question regarding refreshening their hair color. They could have searched up that question on google or even YouTube, but they asked me. I never take that lightly. I am also aware that God placed certain gifts and tools in my life to help me service others. So when I create, I don’t think about “What is everyone else doing” or “What is trending?” I meet the demands of the people, knowing I am serving a higher purpose.


AG: Learning to embrace my natural hair was a major step for me on my journey to self-love and I’m sure you can relate. How important do you think it is for people to embrace their natural hair & the self-love journey as a whole?

SG: The beauty of natural hair is that it effortlessly brings you on a self-awakening journey. In a society where “beauty” standards are being drilled into your head by different sources, it can be difficult to believe who you are is actually beautiful. But when you choose to accept how you were divinely created and call that look “beautiful”, that confidence translates to every other part of your life. It is remarkable. I always encourage people to go natural when they tell me they’re contemplating the transition. Honestly, when I encourage them to it’s not really because of how healthy their hair will look. I encourage them to because without knowing, they end up embarking on one of the most rewarding journeys of their life.


AG: What can we expect from Sully G coming up?

SG: I am currently working on making my natural interests (music, design, spirituality) more present in my content. I also have a few collaborations on the way and am looking to host a few events in the fall. So make sure you follow me on social media to stay up to date with all that’s to come!

I’m off to deep condition my hair, be sure to follow Sully on Instagram and comment below!

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