Whitening Sensitive Teeth at Home

One of my biggest guilty pleasures since college was iced coffee! Anyone hustling in the big apple can relate. My coffee addiction started to show in my smile and even though I switched over to Iced Green tea, the damage was already done. I looked into teeth whitening before but got discouraged by all the negative feedback on the sensitivity afterward. Just the thought of biting into a popsicle makes me cringe! So I couldn’t settle for any over the counter remedy.


It took a lot of research and encouragement before I decided on Smile Brilliant and I’m so glad I made the decision! I’ve officially been using the system for about 2 months now, and I noticed a difference right away. Not to mention, for every whitening session there is also a desensitizing gel used immediately afterward that makes the process so much more comfortable and realistic to use on a regular basis.

For anyone who’s looked into whitening teeth, you know how expensive & time consuming the process can be. That’s why I’m SO grateful to have the opportunity to gift one of you with a Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening kit worth $149!

The rules are simple. Click here to be entered to win. That’s it! The average U.S dentist charges $500 for the same process so Smile Brilliant is definitely worth the investment. Use code alexistheg15 for 15% off your Smile Bright purchase! It’s not just about your looks, it’s about your confidence.

Do you have any questions about teeth whitening? Leave your Q’s below and I’ll be sure to answer them!



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