How to Beat Travel Anxiety #JetSetG

Traveling whether for work or play is always an adventure but for some people it can be nerve-wrecking. I used to get super nervous before traveling but I’ve got my routine down pat! Here’s my routine…

Skip the coffee, wine & weed. I know, it sounds like no fun but all three can increase your heart rate and worsen any fear, anxiety and stress. Stick to tea and other natural ways to relax. 

Speaking of which, pack your favorite decaffeinated anxiety-reducing tea bag with you like Chamomile, Lavender, Peppermint or Passionflower. Then all you’ll need is hot water & you won’t have to drink the nasty generic brand they have on flight.

If you’re traveling long distance & changing time zones I would recommend adjusting your internal clock to your destination’s time but if you’d prefer to be out like a light the entire flight take melatonin. The supplement is available in different dosages & even gummy form.

Bring a really juicy book or pre-download something on Netflix you want to binge. The main cause of travel anxiety is over thinking and worrying about things out of your control. A good distraction will leave no room for that.

Pack healthy snacks that naturally reduce stress & anxiety like unsalted Almonds or Pumpkin seeds, Dark Chocolate, Bananas and Blueberries. Stay away from anxiety inducing foods with processed sugar, dairy, too much sodium or anything fried.

If you’re traveling alone & that’s adding to your anxiety, tell a flight attendant ahead of time. She’ll check in on you more making you feel less alone & probably bring you extra snacks lol

If you are willing to try it, CBD has worked wonders for my anxiety. It’s the natural, non-hallucinogenic Cannabinoid found in Marijuana. Basically it gives you the same stress reducing, relaxation affect without the actual high & paranoia. 

I hope these tips help you relax and enjoy your next trip stress-free. Where are you traveling to next? Leave a comment down below!



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