Spring Trends & Influencing with Ziggy Mack Johnson #MeettheG

Ziggy Mack Johnson captured my attention on Instagram with his unique fashion sense & unapologetic personality. Based in NYC, this tastemaker is styling your fave celebs and socialites when he’s not influencing the masses. This guy boss is spilling the tea on upcoming trends, networking & the power of social media so take notes G’s!

Alexis Gonzalez: What inspired you to start influencing?

Ziggy Mack Johnson: I think what inspired me to start influencing was because I wanted to make people aware of pieces. When I was working social media at Nylon Mag, I was always sent a mixture of products and clothing by different companies with their wishes of it being featured. Sometimes these product weren’t featured so I would post it on my personal social media, bringing it some type of attention.

AG: What is the best opportunity social media has provided for you? How would you recommend someone to make the most of social media?

ZMJ: Social media has provided me a safe haven to be myself and be fully appreciated by people around me and also people thousands of miles away. To make the best of social media, you have to find your niche, people love to focus on one thing because our attention spans are not what it used to be.

AG: What trends do you want to see the girls & guys get into for spring?

ZMJ: The trends I would love to see girls and guys get into for the spring are capris, nails, and bags. As far as capris, I feel like we should stretch our horizon on capris styling, rocking more flared looks! Nails are so important to complete our fits especially depending on the colors one may go for. And finally, you can never go wrong with a bag to top off a look. Smaller bags are now trending, the smaller the trendier.

AG: When you’re styling someone else, what is your goal?

ZMJ: My goal is to always make them into their alter ego/their most sexiest inner self!

AG: Walk us through a typical day in your life and how you maintain structure.

ZMJ: There is no typical day for me as my days are always so different because if it’s not one thing, it’s the other. I love to stay busy and could find myself at an early shoot, to a lunch date, a styling consultation, another food date and a drink, to hosting at one of the current, hottest party series at night. It varies!

AG: Networking plays a major role in most industries, whether creative or corporate. What advice would you give to build & maintain professional connections through networking?

ZMJ: Yes, networking is very important in any industry you are in and it took me quite a bit to figure that out! My advice I would give to build and maintain professional connections through networking is always being a reminder to someone. Whenever you have a new project dropping or something special coming out, don’t be afraid to alert people personally because closed mouths never get feed and you don’t know how far your work can go at the sight of others.

AG: What can we expect from you coming up?

ZMJ: This year you can expect a clothing line from me as well as music, so be ready trades!

I hope this interview inspired you G’s! Is there someone you’d like to see featured as a Girl/Guy Boss? Leave a comment below!




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