Stylist Chenara Lam Talks Balancing Entrepreneurship & Mom Life #MeettheG

Happy Wednesday G’s! Meet this week’s Girl Boss Chenara Lam, an Entrepreneur with her own Styling business and Online Vintage Boutique. She balances her career while raising 3 beautiful daughters and her hustle is simply inspirational…

Chenara by @allyschmaling
Alexis G: Tell us a bit about what an average day for Chenara looks like.
Chenara L: At the moment, I am transitioning from the corporate world to pursue my lifelong passion in the arts. For years my creative path has been a second choice. As a mother, providing and just surviving in general was my priority. Meanwhile, as my daughters grew, so did my desire to create.
An average day in my life is pretty upbeat. My alarm clock usually consists of my daughters disputing over the most minuscule things, tension runs high in a household full of females. Normally, I’d get ready for my office job, make sure I have my gym gear for a “lunch” work out, and prayed time flies by so I can go home to my babies.
My evening varies, I try to balance out motherly duties, maintaining my home, meeting the needs of my styling clients, and vintage shop. Ya girl is a little sleep deprived but it’s worth it.


Chenara by @allyschmaling
AG: You’re mommy to 3 beautiful girls while pursuing your goals at the same time. How have you found a balance between your duties as a mom & pursuing your own dreams?
CL: Balancing mom life and pursuing my dreams was not an easy task in the beginning. At times, I felt like I was going crazy and would literally cry and laugh to myself (inserts hair pulling emoji). Psycho! Haha… in all honesty that explains it all. I’ve found peace in my chaos.
As parents we tend to forget how vital it is to communicate with our children. Vocalizing our future plans helped us find a common ground of balance. Their support really has been a tremendous force within meeting my goals. Intertwining their interests and mine has built a stronger bond and foundation to grow together. I am nothing without my tribe.
AG: A photo of you & your youngest princess Saydi was recently featured in Vogue Italia, congratulations! How has being a mom influenced you as a creative?
CL: Oh my god, yes, thank you! I mean Vogue Italia,  Grazie!
I curated the look on the spot with my photographer, Nancy, (who submitted the image to Vogue) in my best friend’s yard. It was a very intimate moment for us as a unit. The purpose was to feel deep within your core a place of warmth, a home.
As a mother and a creator expressing myself unapologetically with love is all I’m trying to relay to the universe. It’s as if your a poet  living through each and every word written in human form. Saydi is art and her pure soul sealed the deal with Vogue Italia.


Chenara & Saydi by Nancy Bulma Fields @bulmafields
AG: You started a business with fellow momtrepreneur Nancy Bulma Fields called Suki and Bulma where you’ve combined your passions of photography and styling to create a mega resource in Massachusetts. How did Suki and Bulma come about?
CL: Suki and Bulma was birthed through a creative idea and two down ass bitches. Bulma (photographer) and I worked together for a portfolio she was building titled “S. Neptune series.” She created images/visuals of Hidai and I. The series showcased our friendship in an open field and the hearts of where Lawrence thrives, a bodega. Once we wrapped up the shoot, we broke bread and the rest was history.
Combining our skills together and bringing our vision to life has been one of the greatest blessings this year. We finally have business cards and will be celebrating our 1 year anniversary in February 2019.


Chenara & Nancy by @dresaydesigns
AG: What advice would you give other moms who want to start their own business but don’t think they can juggle both responsibilities?
CL: The best advice I can give other moms is to invest in yourself. With the right mindset, you can’t lose. Self-love, self worth, and why the hell not self-employed. Go out there and get it!
With so much on your plate I’m sure things can get overwhelming at times but you juggle your responsibilities with style. What do you do when you feel overwhelmed or uninspired?
Let’s just say I deserve every drop of that mimosa once it’s in hand. The human being that I am can sometimes lash out on friends and family when I’m overwhelmed. I’m working on that every day. Some of the best ways I relieve stress is by working out, singing, or taking hot showers and literally washing all of the negativity off of my body for the day.
When there are days I’m feeling uninspired I think of my mom. My mother was a single parent with four kids and throughout her struggle she maintained her style effortlessly. “Pain is Beauty.”
Another way to revive my creativity is to watch old music videos/classic-movies, scroll through Tumblr, or just talk to my friends. I was raised to always work with what I got and to utilized my surroundings, that’s why it’s so hard for me not to be inspired.


Chenara by @allyschmaling
AG: What can we expect from Chenara coming up?
CL: A lot, a lot, a lot of self-expression through my vintage shop:, being booked, and unbothered. Expect love, always love…
Whether you’re a mommy, looking to start your own business or just be inspired daily Chenara is certainly a Girl Boss to be following. Keep up with her on Instagram, and keep an eye out for her upcoming projects! What did you think of this week’s interview? Comment below!

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