Icon Influencer Chidi on Breaking into the Industry & LA #MeettheG

Hey G’s, meet our first Guy Boss and my good friend Chidi! A Digital Content Creator from New York currently living his dreams in Los Angeles, Chidi has mastered the art of influencing and his career is just getting started . Read more of his inspiring story below and advice that’ll help kickstart your career!


Alexis G: Tell us the story of how you came into influencing?

Chidi E: I started my Instagram account just like everyone else, where it was just a platform to network with my friends.  I recently moved to Los Angeles, where I barely knew anyone. I’m an extrovert so I had to change that quick, I started interacting with people in L.A. via Instagram. I met a stylist named Apuje whom introduced me to a different world on Instagram. Through him I met all my best friends whom happen to be photographers, directors, stylist, blogger and entrepreneurs. 

I gained a group of eclectic individuals who helped mold me into whom I am today. I’m the baby of my crew so I gained a bunch of positive role models who taught me to know your worth and to have no limit to your dreams. 

Over time my account evolved into a portfolio because a regular image is enhanced when you have a good camera, a nice outfit, great locations and an awesome support team. A couple of my images went “viral” and through that brands started to reach out for ad placements on my page. 

AG: I’ve spoken with a lot of men who would be interested in influencing but feel intimidated or think it’s an industry only for women. What advice would you give other men on becoming an influencer?

CE: That is definitely incorrect. There are countless products specifically made only for men. Therefore there will always be a need for men influencers to promote. I would advise anyone trying to break into the influencer industry to develop your personal brand first. Find what makes you unique and sell yourself. 

I’ve alway enjoyed fashion and working out; so I took my two worlds and put them together to create a platform for the fit and fashionable gentlemen.


AG: What has been the most exciting opportunity you’ve encountered through being an influencer?

CE: I have worked with several great brands to create amazing content and I’m so grateful for all the opportunities. Fashion Nova is my most constant brand that I work with monthly. It’s a blessing to have a brand that constantly wants to keep you on board to promote. 

AG: You’ve become quite the style inspiration for men working with notable brands like Express Men and Fashion Nova Men. If you could give men one style tip, what would that be?

CE: “Dress how you would like to be addressed.”

Always remember you’re a canvas. People view the image of you before they meet your personality. You always want to put your best foot forward. You never know what opportunities are nearby. You’re basically a walking portfolio of yourself.

CE: You moved from New York to Los Angeles after college and never looked back. How did that move affect your career? 

One thing about Instagram is that we sometimes only show a glamorized image of our lives. As a Communication & Rhetoric major and Business Administration minor in college I got a gist of what society liked and didn’t like. Instagram saw only my rise. However there’s alway more to the story. 

After graduating from the University at Albany. I had everything lined up perfectly; from grad school to moving to the UK and so much more. In a matter of a few months everything fell through and I had to make a decision. Did I want to settle and stay in my town and work a job I was just content with or did I want to take a risk? 

I packed my bags with about 2k and moved to L.A. I told myself I have no other choice than to make it. I used that drive to push me through every struggle I had in L.A. I just kept telling myself failure is not an option. I made a decision to move on my own so I wasn’t going to let myself down nor anyone around who helped me. Living in L.A. definitely put me around creatives that have the same drive and determination as me. It gave me the career boost I needed because I was able to network and push myself to new levels.


AG: You’ve remained humble and still keep the same core values you’ve had since we met in 2012. How have you maintained your integrity despite your accolades and recognition?

You know I’ve always had a vibrant personality because I genuinely just love to live life to the fullest. My morals come from my Nigerian heritage that raised me on respect, gratitude and generosity. As well as a group of friends that will definitely check me if I EVERRRR got out of line. 

CE: What can we expect from Chidi coming up?

Honestly, everyday is a blessing to be able to use social media as an income. I want my Instagram account to be an account people think of when they think of male influencers. I will be working with more notable brands this upcoming year with bigger and better campaigns. I want to out do myself each and every ad. Overall, I want to make myself a household name. 

I hope you’ve been inspired by Chidi because I sure have! Be sure to follow him on Instagram and stay up to date with his endeavors and stay tuned for the next Meet the G interview!




4 thoughts on “Icon Influencer Chidi on Breaking into the Industry & LA #MeettheG

  1. Great male influencers. Actually at the top of my list because of his style, physique and personality. Chidi always makes sure that he likes your comments and responds to not only my support based messages but I see this trend throughout his post. Keep being true to yourself bro. #NuffLoveAndRespect Nice piece Alexis ❤ Maybe one day I can be just as influential 😉


    1. Chidi is definitely such an inspiration! I love how humble and engaged he is with his audience. I’m so glad you enjoyed this blog post!


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