Top 5 Womenswear Trends for Fall!

Hey babes, here are my top 5 trends for fall! These are the trends that dominated the Fall/Winter 2018 runways, and the fashion girls are loving. Best part is you don’t have to break the bank to be stylish this fall. A few of the right accessories and key pieces will take you a long way…

1. Mix & Match Animal Prints

Animal prints are awesome because they distract the eye, so when you wear it the right way you can draw attention to the body parts you want to highlight. We’ve seen it done a million ways but the trend takes a twist this season with mixing and matching. A zebra blouse with a cheetah print skirt is a bold way to go, or on the more subtle end you could “double up” using other minimal prints like the subtle polka dots below.

2. Cropped Everything

We’ve seen the cropped jean jacket, leather jacket and even cropped shearlings but the trend takes a more formal turn this season with cropped blazers, blouses and button downs. Bonus points if you pair it with a matching skirt/pants or take it up a notch by incorporating another big trend right now: the 80’s padded shoulder.

3. Major Statement Piece W/ Casual Wear

This trend is definitely the easiest to do, but requires the most confidence. Essentially you’re taking a simple everyday look like jeans and a t-shirt then throwing a gaudy piece in the mix like an obnoxiously oversized hat or rhinestone opera gloves. The key is to find a statement piece that is very YOU, otherwise it’ll look forced.

4. Cowgirl

This is another trend you can really go over the top with in head to toe western gear, or play it subtle with accessories. A kick ass pair of cowgirl boots will give any look that cowgirl flare and will be a statement piece in your wardrobe this fall.

5. Industrial Gear

This one is for my Hypebae’s who love streetwear and incorporating a masculine touch to their look. A few ways you can do this are 3M (reflective material) details, industrial straps and neon orange/lime green accents.

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