Top 5 Menswear Trends for Fall

I promised the fellas blog content when I realized you guys make up 50% of my audience! As a thanks for your support, this post is just for you & of course there will be plenty more to come.  Here are my Top 5 Fall menswear trends & trendsetters you should be following (tap or swipe over photos for details)…

1. Excessive Layering

Layering is a trend I find men don’t take enough advantage of! It’s literally an opportunity to show off your style even more ’cause you can wear garments multiple ways & “recycle” without looking like you’re wearing the same thing over and over. This season takes it up a notch with layering OVERLOAD. So pile it on heavy, and be extra cozy this fall. Play around with layering things on top or underneath.

2. XXL Shoulders

This trend is unisex but I really want to encourage men to try it. Why? Well broad shoulders are sexy, and whether you have them or not, this trend will give your body that gorgeous V-shaped silhouette. Women dress to shape our body’s all the time, men can too! Pair this look with slim fitting pants and a belt at the waist for optimal effect.

3. Techwear

Whether your t-shirt design glows to the beat of your heart or your shoelaces are 3M, this trend can be worn in an unlimited number of ways. Techwear is obviously the most expensive (3M fabric typically costs 3x avg) but you don’t have to break your piggy bank if you try small changes like the simple 3M strips on these Y project jeans.

4. Functional Bags

Men tend to leave the house without half the essentials they need because they refuse to use a bag or they reuse the same bookbag until it’s falling apart lol. Now you can stop asking your gf for lotion or chapstick & carry your own in a cool bag. Go for boxy shapes with top handles made of quality leather, and this will be a staple in your wardrobe for years to come!

5. The Perfect Leather Jacket

This trend is one anybody can try because essentially you’re choosing your favorite Jacket silhouette but in a leather version. So whether that’s a trench coat, bomber or traditional moto jacket, the key here is to choose amazing quality leather. You’ll definitely want to splurge because a great leather can literally last you decades!

Do you guys think you can pull these trends off? Comment below which trend you’re most excited to try! & feel free to suggest topics you’d like to read about from a woman’s perspective, I’m all ears…



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