Why Can’t I Do it All?: Being Multifaceted in a “Niche” Society

Society has an obsession with putting everything in a box. We make categories & give labels because it’s easy & comfortable. It’s easy to approach someone if we think we know exactly who they are. It’s easy to like something when we think we know all aspects of it. It eliminates the aspect of surprise which for most can be scary. It unlocks a world of the unknown. So we stuff ourselves into categories to find ourselves. But what if you don’t fit into one category?

Aimg_7532These labels don’t stop at gender or race. They don’t even stop at career. Now it’s not good enough to be or do something, you have to be an expert at that something or you’re a failure. Society has taught us its better to be really truly great at one thing, no matter how specific, than to be good at a bunch of things. We’ve been convinced it’s the best way to make money too. You know why I say to hell with that? Because if you’re reading this then you are multi-faceted. If you like more than one clothing brand or genre of music or type of food, you are multifaceted! You have so many interests and aspects that make you unique.

AIMG_7219People tend to have multiple passions they truly love. Whether we consider it a hobby or a dream. So why do we feel so pressured to fit into 1 mold? Don’t deny parts of yourself or cut off pieces that make you, YOU. If you want to be a modeling, blogging, dj’ing Chef then be that! Just prioritize and find balance. I promise, you can do it all.





Denim Jumpsuit & Scarf: Vintage

Shoes & Fanny Pack: Boohoo

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