Last-Minute Travel: How to Stay Travel Ready #JetSetG

This past Thursday night I decided I would be in LA for the weekend. Friday morning my flight was booked and Saturday afternoon I arrived in sunny California. All the while, I was pretty stress free. To be honest, I can’t remember the last time I  purchased a flight even a month in advance. So how do I manage to travel so last minute and not go crazy? I’ve come up with all my last minute travel tips to save you guys from any vacation fiasco!


Travel “Emergency Kit”

This is the most important tip, keep items that you will always need for travel in a small bag that is ready to go.

– Keep travel sized versions of your favorite toiletries stocked up at all times, strictly for travel use

– Use reusable travel sized containers for items you already have large containers of like shampoo & refill them as soon as you get back from a trip. That way you’re not making a mess the night before a trip refilling toiletries.

Things to always keep in stock: Ibuprofen, Pedialyte (for hangovers), sunscreen, feminine hygiene products, scrunchies, bobby pins, a nail file, non-scented wipes, fuzzy socks, spare headphones, mini toothbrush, a pen

– If you travel internationally, I would also recommend keeping an international adapter in your bag.

– If you take daily vitamins, ration out a weeks worth and keep them in a pill container.

Keep Samples of your favorite makeup products & perfume. Not only are these perfect for weekend trips, but you’ll also have a little backup product in case of emergency! True story, I waited until the last minute to restock my foundation before leaving to Brazil & I couldn’t find it anywhere 🙁 I wasn’t able to restock for about a week of the trip but I had two samples that saved my life.

Keep a copy of important documents (ID, Hotel Confirmation etc…) in each bag just in case your luggage is lost or stolen. Trust me this not a last minute task to complete if you don’t have a printer at home or enough time.

Download the airline’s app you’ll be using & check in to your flight early. Typically you can do this 24hrs before your flight but the earlier you do, the better. For airlines where your seat position is not guaranteed this is the best way to get in & out of the plane faster! I’ve been upgraded with Southwest, Virgin (now Alaska Airlines) and American Airlines for checking in early. I’ve gone from row 27 middle seat, to row 7 window seat!

– Also, having the app will save you a few minutes from printing your boarding pass when you arrive because now you can scan your smartphone right at the gate

What was your most spontaneous trip? Let me know in the comments below! Also, leave any travel questions you may have, you could be featured in the next #JetSetG post!

Top: Necessary Clothing

Skirt: Vintage

Shoes: Missguided

Bag: Forever 21

Sunnies: Urban Outfitters



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