The New Awkward Years: How to Adult When You Just Don’t Want to

There’s something so refreshing yet daunting about the transition between being a young adult to full blown adulting. I’m talking early bed time, suddenly can’t function without coffee, sticking to a budget type adulting. Just like any transition period, it’s easy to feel lost in direction and start comparing your journey to others’. Especially if you’re just graduating, and have no experience adulting in the “real world”. I’m riding this wave right along with y’all and I’ve picked up on some tips that are making this journey a lot more smooth!


Adulting is all about doing the things you have to do in order to make room for the things you want to do. Whether that’s working overtime to afford your dream house, sacrificing sleep to study for that degree, moving away from your love to pursue your career. Yeah, adulting sucks sometimes. But what’s important is that you always remember what you’re doing it for.


Personally, the hardest part of adulting for me is working on my dreams when I come home from the job that’s actually paying the bills. I’m always super exhausted, and I can’t count the number of times I’ve had to curve my friends to work on my goals or just catch some extra Zzz’s! But I constantly think of how amazing it will be  when the results of my hard work begin to manifest. I thought I would be leaving the all-nighters behind in college, but if staying up late to get those extra work hours in is what it takes then it needs to be done.


You know who’s been extremely inspiring to me lately? Cardi B. Besides the obvious that she rose to stardom seemingly overnight, lately she’s been in the studio practically 24/7 working on her album. THAT’S the kind of work ethic that gets you nominated for a Grammy off a mixtape! She’s beyond booked & busy but still finds time to do what she has to even when she doesn’t want to. Success requires sacrifice.


Another thing I struggle with sometimes is comparing myself to my peers. Sometimes it does seem like certain people are blessing magnets while others have to put in that extra work, but you never know what others have gone through to get to where they are. Not to mention, we’re all on different paths going in completely different directions so it’s like comparing apples & oranges. The best thing to do is take that competitive spirit and use it to fuel yourself. I guarantee the adulting process will be a lot smoother with every ounce of energy you redirect right back into yourself.


Remember these are some of your best years. Don’t stare at the end goal so hard you miss everything that’s passing right by you!





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