Move b***h get out YOUR way: How to Stop Blocking Your Blessings #MondayMotivation

Back in August I wrote a little something about what I’d be doing to usher in change with the new season approaching and it’s one of the things that has helped me sooo much to stop blocking my own blessings the past few months .


I like to call this adopting a “F*** it” mentality. When you think you under qualify for a job or that if you reach out to someone you won’t get a response you just have to say “F*** it” and not allow those doubts to stop you from taking that risk. No risk, no reward.


Once you become comfortable with the “F*** it” mentality (sidenote: I only advise this with taking healthy risks, don’t throw your life away now), the next thing I’d recommend is being more adaptable. I’m an introvert and don’t usually branch out past my group of friends but lately I’ve been pushing myself to be more open and networking.


The best and most effective way to stop blocking your blessings is to reverse the curse. Whether it was your parents, a jealous friend, a bitter ex or just your own inner voice that told you, you weren’t good enough, you have to reverse those negative thoughts. Talk to that negative voice in your head like it’s your worst enemy

because it is.


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– G

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