It’s finally starting to feel like fall in New York City and my closet is rejoicing! I’ve been collecting a bunch of dope pieces like this vest that I couldn’t wear because Mother Nature thought it was still summer, but now it’s time to slay…


I’ve been trying to incorporate brighter colors in my fall/winter wardrobe to lift up my mood in the dreary months so when I saw this Tobi dress in multiple colors, I took a shot and ordered it in white. I got a medium so I could rock it as a dress now and as a shirt when it gets colder.


Recently I’ve been loving warm colors that are similar to my hair color, it’s such an easy way to look cohesive and put together, even in a pinch (I put this look together in a few minutes). Honestly, neutrals are always the way to go when I don’t know what to wear.


When I saw this vest, I had to have it, it was reversible and only $30, but don’t kill me guys… it’s completely sold out & gone 😭 But I still want you all to serve some fall foliage realness, so I found some dupes!


I really want to give my fam over at Teen Vogue and Ugg a huge thanks for hooking me up with these sick boots! They’re shearling throughout, just like the classic Ugg boot but so much more chic, I’m obsessed.

I hope you all have a fabulous rest of the week, I’m off to start my Halloweekend! What are your plans this Halloween?






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