The FORMat: Quick Curl tutorial

With so much going on in the world, it’s important to nurture yourself in a way that feels good & heals your soul. Curl up with a good book, go for a walk, go to church or just pamper yourself at home. Whatever your self-love routine looks like, just make sure it feeds you mentally, spiritually and/or physically.


This weekend I decided to do a deep treatment on my hair & try out some new curly products, I’ll share with you guys my quick routine & what I thought of the products!


First I started by washing my hair with Ouidad’s ultra-nourishing cleansing oil which feels really good on the scalp. It doesn’t lather much which is actually a good thing (the chemicals in shampoo that make it lather up a lot are bad for your hair). So I leave it on for a couple minutes & give myself a gentle scalp massage while it does it’s thing.

Next I used the Ouidad Triple Treat Deep Conditioner which my stylist used on me when I got my hair cut at the Ouidad salon. It literally feels & smells JUST like vanilla custard, so yummmm! I let that sit on m hair with a shower cap for a few minutes while I shaved, then rinsed it out & my hair felt sooo soft.


To style, I tried out these FORM beauty products, which did a great job of FORMing my curl. The directions say to use the Multitask leave-in-lotion first then the curly creme after (which I did) but I would recommend the other way around. I like the Curl Creme as a main styling product to really form my curls as I brushed through them with a paddle brush. Lastly, I would use the multitask lotion as a finishing spray. It’s light & not oily but gives you a nice hold.


Later that night I went out bar-hopping and danced the night away, but my curls lasted without turning into a frizz ball! I’d definitely recommend these products if you’re looking for something new to try.


Let me know what curly products you love in the comments below! Don’t forget to subscribe & keep an eye out for a GIVEAWAY this week!



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