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I’m often asked what my ethnicity is, and I’m always more than proud to tell people that I’m as Puerto Rican as it gets. As most of you know, my homeland Puerto Rico along with many other Caribbean islands was ravaged by Hurricane Irma but PR, Dominica and the Dominican Republic couldn’t get a break with Hurricane Maria following right after. Not to mention around the same time, Mexico experienced a horrific earthquake they couldn’t have possibly prepared for. Many people in these countries already do not have much and work extremely hard for what they have built and earned which has ALL been ruined now. They really, really need our help. YOUR help. Read through this post to find various ways you can give back! A little bit goes a long way.



I recently made a DEPOP account where I’m selling items from my closet & cool vintage finds like these jeans. I was going to upload more summer pieces but I’ve decided to donate the rest to Puerto Rico, as well as 20% of the proceeds earned from any items currently on the site! Click here to shop my closet & give back to those in need!

CASTLEIMG_1278 (1)

There are multiple ways to help & many sites where you can donate your gently used goods. Please keep in mind they have lost everything but it is time consuming for volunteers to sift through unnecessary things so only donate items that will be useful such as summer clothes/shoes, diapers, unopened baby food, batteries, canned food, bottled water, feminine hygiene products and first aid supplies.


  • Telemundo will be having a Telethon TODAY from 5am-11:30pm, they will be accepting donations for disaster relief in Mexico, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. Simply call 1-800-596-6567 and specify which donation center you will like to donate to. There will be Spanish speakers available! Press “1” for instructions in English, press “2” for instructions in Spanish”
  • The official domestic relief agency of the U.S. Catholic Church, Catholic Charities USA, is asking people to support their Maria relief efforts by donating online, by phone at +1 (800) 919-9338 or by texting CCUSADISASTER to 71777. 100 percent of donated funds go directly toward disaster efforts, according to the website.
  • Want to do more? Volunteer your time! Specifically if you have any medical experience or are a veteran, your services are needed desperately! Even if you’re just a kick-ass civilian, you can volunteer your time here
  • Our baby sister Caribbean island Dominica is often overlooked but she is in bad shape as well! Please donate to the GoFundMe page here

Puerto Rico:

Whatever you can give makes a huge difference to people in need so please do not think your help won’t make an impact. Do your own research as well, but please do not turn a blind eye. Thank you!


Top: Banana Republic

Jeans: Vintage

Shoes: Forever 21

Fanny Pack: Jansport

P.S I will be posting a giveaway this week, anyone who can provide proof of donation will receive 2 extra entries into the contest!



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