After yesterday’s eclipse I’m feeling ready for fresh starts and change. How special was it to experience a solar eclipse… I know I’m not the only one who felt the magic! I hope you all took that powerful cosmic energy and channeled it into a renewal of self. Even if you don’t believe in all that mystical mumbo jumbo, what better time to start fresh than the beginning of a new season.

A lot of us are going back to work soon, others school. Even if you’re routine continues, find ways to reinvent yourself as we transition into autumn & see how much more abundant your life can be when you allow change.

Here are a couple of things I do when I want a fresh start that you can also try:

  • Clear out your phone. Better advice would be “spend less time on your phone” but let’s be realistic. Like your room, your phone is where you spend a lot of time (mentally) and it should be clean. Clear emails, old contacts, useless apps etc.
  • Write down your intentions. Whether it be a six month plan, a to-do list or simply a gratitude list, writing things down will help you physically manifest your intentions into reality
  • Take a chance. Contact that person you want to work with who you swear would never respond in a million years. Apply to that job you don’t think you stand a chance at getting. The worst that can happen is nothing, but the best that could happen just might change the rest of your life…


Top: Zara

Pants: Targetย 

Shoes & Bag: Forever 21

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