You know those days where you can’t figure out what to wear, so you give up and grab the first pieces of clothing you see and run out the door? Well this was one of those days. Surprisingly though, the outfit ended up kind of….chic!


I’m so not kidding when I say I threw anything on. This “flowy strapless top” is actually an old H&M skirt I hiked all the way up, and it was literally sitting atop a pile of clothes I’m going to donate lol. Underneath, I wore a strapless bodysuit from Necessary Clothing, and it ended up looking like it was one top. I love how it came out!





I finally found this gold & teal vintage bracelet that I have been looking everywhere for, and it totally inspired me to have a teal moment here. I went all the way with this gold & teal ring and gorgeous colorful earrings both from H&M. To seal the deal, I lined my eyes with this eyeshadow stick from New York Color in “East River Romance”.yaaaa2W2A5323

I finished off the look with a pair of vintage mom jeans that I cut the hem off of, and cuffed at the bottom to give them a less “stuffy” vibe. I chose these because they’re high-waisted, and I wanted to accentuate my shape since it was lost under all that sheer fabric.

I continued the blue moment I was having without overdoing it, by picking these soft blue mules from Urban Outfitters. Mules are definitely going to be my summer ’16 go-to for pretty much any occasion! They fit like a glove.


See what adventures I get into this weekend on Snapchat! Sc: alexisthe_g



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