After about an hour scouring the mall from front to back, still nothing. DSW, Forever 21, Macy’s nor Aldo’s held the right floral heels I envisioned in my head. Heels that would go perfectly with the ensemble I bought earlier that day for one of the most important campus events I would attend my Junior year. I was officially reaching panic mode! I could only think of my last resort. In vain, I trekked to the escalator for about the fiftieth time that day, and sulked up to Charlotte Russe. Every college girl’s back-up plan when all else has failed.

Quickly scanning the shelves, I realized the closest thing to floral I’d find was the hideous velvet shorts crumpled in a pile on the floor… I was defeated. With a sunken heart, I walked over to the “Last Pair” section of shoes, thinking I might at least pick up a pair of sandals for the summer. Hastily uplifting the lid of a magenta box, there they were; the perfect Floral heel. I screamed in my best friend’s ear, whom I had been FaceTiming the entire time. “Hold on, I gotta call you back!” Click.

I tried them on and they fit perfectly! The last pair in the store and they fit, what were the chances? I didn’t think my day could get any better… until I flipped the right shoe upside down. There, in all of its glory, was a “last pair” sticker marked with a price sent directly from the shoe gods: $9.99!

That night at the event, I got more compliments on these heels than I’ve ever gotten on any other pair of shoes. I couldn’t help but feeling like they were made just for me. And that my friends, is the story of the luckiest purchase I’ve made to date!


This was only the second time I’ve worn these heels, and this go-round I wanted to dress them down. I threw on this thrifted silk top that I fell in love with, and a pair of patchwork denim jeans from Urban Outfitters.


I chose to bring out the small yellow and blue details from the heels instead of directly matching with the pink, and that’s where this Forever 21 clutch came in…. clutch.


There’s no greater feeling than snagging that last silk bustier you’ve had your eye on, or finding out your fave online store is having 50% off everything, or coming back to find the clutch you hid behind a rack in H&M is still there lol. It’s the little things that matter in the fashion world right?

What is the luckiest purchase you’ve ever made? Let me know in a comment below 🙂

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