Pretty In Pink

I was doing a ton of running around last week to prepare for the study abroad trip which I am currently on. This look specifically was for a meeting I had for It was so hot that day, I really couldn't think of anything better to wear than cutoffs! Anyone who knows me, or... Continue Reading →


After about an hour scouring the mall from front to back, still nothing. DSW, Forever 21, Macy's nor Aldo's held the right floral heels I envisioned in my head. Heels that would go perfectly with the ensemble I bought earlier that day for one of the most important campus events I would attend my Junior... Continue Reading →

Happy Fourth of July!

My favorite thing to do every Fourth of July is go to the beach. I get to tan, spend time with friends and family and end the day with fireworks. It's perfect 🙂 If you do plan on being by the water this holiday but aren't super comfortable with your body, I would recommend a... Continue Reading →

Kickin’ It Old School

I love a beautiful pair of heels, and if I were shorter I'd probably wear them everyday, but lord knows I get enough stares on the subway standing at 5'10 lol. But there's nothing like a pair of comfy kicks that go with everything. I really wanted a pair of all white sneakers but I... Continue Reading →

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